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Borehole Measurements

Spectrum of Services

  •  Lithological documentation of borehole profiles

  •  Detailed reconstruction of rock strata with the aid of statistical methods

  •  Correlation of logging data with petrographic and geochemical characteristics of rock

  •  Stratigraphic correlations

  •  Mapping fractures and damage zones

  •  Modelling rock and mineral components

  •  Calculating saturation, porosity and permeability

  •  Calculation of thermal properties from log data

  •  Integration of geophysical data from boreholes in geological models


  •  Identification of aquifers

  •  Exploration of sealing clay layers

  •  Identification of water entry and exit points

  •  Calculating dynamic mechanical properties (elasticity, compression and shear modules)

  •  Planning and controlling of casing and filter sections in ground water monitoring wells

  •  Measurements of the physical and chemical parameters of ground water

  •  Monitoring ground water flow.


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