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Borehole Measurements

Analysis and Interpretation

To increase your knowledge of the formation we offer log analysis services which include the integration of logging data with core analyses and geologic core descriptions. By this way we are able to characterize the subsurface related to its structure, lithology and physical properties. As a log analysis tool we use the professional Interactive Petrophysics software package to quality check the log data and to carry out multi-zone, multi-well petrophysical field analyses.

Among others the different modules enable statistical analyses to estimate missing log curves and predict permeability and lithofacies from core data and the analysis of image logs.

Based on standard methods of well-log interpretation including rock classification and determination of the shale volume, porosity and water saturation we developed specific routines to calculate continuous profiles of physical properties such as permeability and thermal conductivity. In our calculations we account for differences in vertical resolution and radial length of investigation which are attended by the various measurement methods.

Beside conventional sedimentary environments, we off expert interpretation knowledge also for unconventional reservoirs of shale and tights gas, fractured crystalline formations and volcanic rocks.

Scheme for calculating thermal conductivity profiles from logs.

Calculation of volumetric rock components used for prediction of thermal conductivity (example from a drilling in tertiary soft rocks of the Lower Rhine Basin)

Log Interpretation

Spectrum of Services

Log Digitising

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