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Borehole Measurements

Wireline Measurements

We help you to plan and organize borehole measurement operations for deep drillings. We optimize the logging program to your specific target and help you to find the best service provider for your needs.

We perform logging campaigns in shallow and medium deep holes in cooperation with the Institute “Geothermal Energy and Applied Geophysics” of RWTH Aachen University

The following parameters are measured:  

·     Spectral Gamma Ray Log - natural radioactivity of rock   
total gamma radiation (API) 
element concentrations of potassium (%), thorium (ppm) and uranium (ppm)

·     Induction Log - electrical resistivity of the rock formation 
resistivity measurements in air- as well as in water-filled boreholes 
porosity calculations aided by laboratory determination of a and m

·     Sonic Log  - velocity of elastic waves 
velocities of compression, shear and surface waves are measured 
recording of the complete wave form

·     Gamma-Gamma Log - density of rock 
measurement of bulk density in SI-units 
porosity calculations aided by laboratory determination of rock matrix density

·     Fluid-Logging - measuring 
temperature, pressure, electrical conductivity

To secure a high quality of the logging results, the geometry of the hole is continuously measured with a four-armed caliper tool. This allows us to account for irregularities of the borehole wall and to correct our data accordingly.

Anlysis and Interpretation

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Log Digitising

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