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Geothermal Energy

Deep Geothermal Energy

In the field of deep geothermal energy we offer services with respect to reservoir characterization, large scale temperature modelling, as well as reservoir modelling. Our services cover:
  • Feasibility studies, resource assessment, geological studies

  • Planning of borehole measurement campaigns

  • Determination of thermophysical parameters

  • Petrophysical data analysis, well log interpretation

  • Models for temperature prediction on different scales

  • Coupled thermal-hydraulic simulations (forward and inverse)

  • Prediction of productivity

  • Long term prediction of reservoir behavior

  • Risk assessment by sensitivity studies

Our projects in Den Haag or Hamburg are examples for this kind of studies.

Differences in temperature caused by synkline/antkline structures in a sedimentary basin. (Subsurface Den Haag, 1900 m Depth).

Temperature development in the reservoir after 50 years of production.

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