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Numerical Simulation

Modelling - Open and Deep Geothermal installations

We offer numerical simulations to explore and characterize the undisturbed conditions of the subsurface and to forecast the long term response of the geothermal resources during production.

Based on validated data and a well-founded reservoir model, the exploitation of the resource can be optimized. Our expertise in the areas of geology, borehole geophysics and petrophysics on the one hand, and in numerical modeling one the other side allows an optimal characterization of the subsurface.


Particularly we offer:

  • General temperature predictions using temperature models

  • Assessment of the long term behavior of injection and production wells

  • Determination of optimal borehole depths based on available data

  • Studies for porous and fractured media

  • Productivity forecasts

  • Stochastical studies for risk assessment


Example given for a regional temperature model. Displayed is the temperature distribution at a surface of a geological unit. The size of the model is about 50 km x 30 km


View on the top of Zechstein salt domes and walls , which are typical elements of the North German Sedimentary Basin. Displayed is a numerical model covering the area of the City of Hamburg, Northern Germany. 

Example for a reservoir model. The figure shows the flow and temperature conditions in the surrounding of a deep geothermal doublet after several years of operation.

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