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Numerical Simulation


Due to their complexity, numerical simulations are required for a comprehensive characterization of the physical and chemical processes in the subsurface. In the field of geothermics, these processes are primarily heat transport and fluid flow. Additionally, mass transport and chemical reactions may become important in particular regimes.

In numerical modelling, mathematical descriptions of the relevant processes allow a quantification of the desired variables such as temperature and flow velocities, and their sensitivity with respect to important thermo-physical parameters. We use commercial software as well as innovative software tools, which incorporate latest developments in forward and inverse modelling. Particulary we apply the codes SHEMAT and SHEMAT-Suite, which we continuously extend and improve.

Analyzing and predicting the behavior of a geothermal resource over time is one of the most critical parts of geothermal heat and power production. Numerical simulations play a major role in studying the subsurface in terms of their geothermal potential, and they allow optimizing the life cycle of a geothermal installation.

Our expertise in numerical modelling ensures an optimal design of shallow geothermal systems, as well as well-founded studies regarding simulations in the field of deep geothermal systems.

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