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Numerical Simulation

Modelling - Borehole Heat Exchangers

We offer numerical simulations using established commercial software as well as own new code development. Here, we couple the complex geometries of ground heat exchangers with a general model of the subsurface. Due to this connection, it is possible to consider heterogeneous geological models, as well as the influence of groundwater flow. Furthermore, it allows quick parameter variations of technical and geological properties for sensitivity studies. Due to our research projects we are highly flexible regarding new developments and our code is not restricted to conventional borehole heat exchangers but can also be applied to non-conventional heat exchangers. (Thermomodul).

Our service portfolio comprises:

  • Numerical modelling for the design of shallow and deep borehole heat exchangers

  • Simulation of possible long term heat extraction

  • Simulations with varying technical parameters such as flow rate, in- and outlet temperatures, and daily and annual heating cycles.

  • Considering arbitrary heterogeneous subsurface conditions

  • Studying the influence of groundwater flow on the thermal behavior

  • Simulations and performance estimations for non-conventional heat exchangers

Temperatures in the surrounding of a borehole heat exchanger field after several years of operations.

3D-Temperaturfield in the surrounding of a borehole heat exchanger              
a) without ground water flow

b) with ground water flow (20 m / annum)




Modelling approaches for thermo-active construction elements. Temperature prediction shown for a sealing element, armed with heat exchanger pipes.



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