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Planning the first geothermal plant in India

South Cambay Basin 

Talboom Geothermal, a Belgian company has undertaken a joint project with ONGC Energy Centre (OEC), a research division of the biggest Indian oil company ONGC, to produce geothermal energy in South Cambay basin of Gujarat. Currently, investigations are going on in order to find the best location for the first geothermal plant of India. 

Geophysica is ordered by Talboom for giving support in geothermal reservoir characterization, temperature and reservoir modeling. The area is extensively investigated since decades for oil and gas. ONGC has already drilled close to 4,000 wells in South Cambay basin varying in depth from 3,000 to 4,000 meters.  Temperatures encountered in these depths are promising for geothermal usages. A huge amount of oil and gas exploration data were made available for the ongoing studies. Extensive geothermal exploration studies are currently performed, integrating seismic and well data from several drillings of the South Cambay basin. 

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