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Geothermal Reservoir Simulation

Reservoir models can be used to describe and analyse the production behavior of a geothermal deposit. Numerical simulations not only allow a reconstruction of the history and the actual condition of the deposit, but also enable a well-founded forecast of the future production behavior considering various exploitation and operation scenarios. Central questions on attainable production rates and production temperatures, the regeneration behavior of the reservoir or the positioning of the deep wells in the target horizon can thus be answered.

Our range of services includes: 

  • Thermal-hydraulic reservoir characterization

  • Recording of the current reservoir status and reconstruction of the production history

  • Determination of exploration and exploitation scenarios

  • Pinpointing of optimal landing points of drillings

  • Evaluation of possible operating scenarios

  • Predictions on the long-term behavior of the deposit

  • Provision of basic data for profitability analyses

  • Probabilistic calculations, uncertainty analyses and risk assessments


We have many years of experience in modeling deep geothermal deposits in various geological and geothermal settings. Our expertise ranges from the evaluation of low-enthalpy projects for heat generation to the development of high-enthalpy exploration strategies using two-phase numerical simulations.

Geothermal Injection and Production

Example for a reservoir model. The figure shows the flow and temperature conditions in the surrounding of a deep geothermal doublet after several years of operation.



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