Borehole Geophysics


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Geophysical measurements in boreholes sample data from the drilling fluid and the immediate vicinity of the hole. These depth-related digital data sets, the so-called logs, yield an abundance of qualitative and quantitative information about the subsurface rock strata.. 

Borehole geophysical data sets are used in almost all geoscientific disciplines. Of particular importance are borehole measurements in the exploration and characterization of oil and gas deposits. But also in all other areas of mining as well as geothermal prospecting and the inspection of water wells and drillings for geotechnical and hydrogeological questions they provide valuable information on the subsurface. They form the link between investigations on cores on a laboratory scale and the large-scale exploration of the subsoil with geophysical methods.

Our services include consulting, digitization and log interpretation. Here we are active for medium-sized and large companies of the extractive industry and the energy and water supply as well as for authorities, universities and research institutions.



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