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We offer full well log evaluation and interpretation services from single well projects to fully integrated field and area studies. Our integrated approach provides high quality petrophysical solutions to our clients in the fields of oil and gas exploration, coal and ore mining, underground storages and geothermal prospecting.

As a log analysis tool we use the professional “Interactive Petrophysics” software package to carry out single and multi-well petrophysical analyses. The program allows full formation evaluation of the different rock units drilled through. Professional evaluation routines, integrated statistical functions and various multi-well tools enable efficient and professional data processing. An internal programming function allows us to develop our own evaluation routines, which we can tailor to the needs of our customers.

All further work, such as editing and merging of individual runs into composite logs, is carried out in a professional log evaluation program (IP). This includes the complete sequence of data editing and further quality control. Workings steps are merging and splicing of curves, performing trend corrections, and adjusting the correct depth of various runs. Upon request, further environmental corrections, data homogenizations and the depth fitting of core data can be made.

Our standard evaluations include classic formation evaluation methods such as calculation of volume shale, total and effective porosity and water saturation. We perform more sophisticated data processing by integration of core laboratory data and the use of petrophysical models. These are e.g. quantitative prediction of rock components or mineral volumes, generation of permeability logs and calculation of mechanical properties. We have special experience in the field of predicting thermal properties. Here we provide top-to-bottom analysis and generate continuous logs of thermal conductivity and heat production for the entire strata drilled through.

In addition to the classic applications in sediments, we also provide expert knowledge for unconventional reservoirs (shale gas, tight gas, crystalline basement and volcanic rocks).


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