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The evaluation of mass and heat transport in the subsurface is a complex task that cannot usually be solved with purely analytical approaches. Numerical modeling is an important tool for simulating, analyzing and understanding underground processes. The physical processes are described by mathematical systems of equations, which with the natural conditions are abstracted, but all relevant parameters and interactions are mapped.

As a service provider, we offer all aspects of modeling and numerical simulation. From consulting and data compilation through modeling and parameterization to calculation and visualization, we provide everything from a single source and thus ensure consistent and fast processing. We have extensive experience in modeling on various size and time scales and are aware of the sensitivity of model parameterization. The determination of statistically proven and representative input data has top priority for us, whereby we can fall back on many years of experience in the analysis of geoscientific data sets.

Our range of services in the field of numerical simulation includes: 

  • Problem analysis and demonstration of cost-effective solutions

  • Construction of 2D and 3D structural models according to available underground data

  • Conversion of the structural models into numerical grid models

  • Data analysis for parameterization of the model units and definition of the boundary conditions

  • Numerical simulations for thermal and hydraulic processes including the mutual conditions

  • Performance of probabilistic analyses – scenario considerations

  • Visualization of results, analysis and evaluation

We work with our in-house simulation tool SHEMAT or SHEMAT-Suite, which incorporates the basic code for the calculation of heat and fluid transports in porous media. The flexible program environment offers us to program additional modules for a various questions on the subject of "heat". This range from model-in-model tools for simulating geothermal probes and other heat exchangers, to the simulation of freezing processes, the implementation of multi-phase systems for high enthalpy geothermal fields to a “fracture generator tool” for the analysis of fractured media. Our projects are mainly in the field of geothermal energy, but we also deal with other issues where heat emissions and heat transport play a role, such as the embedding of power cables, the storage of nuclear waste or enhanced oil recovery.

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