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Geothermal Energy

Shallow Geothermal Energy

For heating and cooling buildings, shallow geothermal energy becomes more and more popular. It is available day and night and independent of price changes of fossile fuels. The number of shallow geothermal installations has increased considerably during the last years. Besides domestic applications, a growing part of districts and commercial buildings use geothermal heat as a sustainable energy source for heating, cooling and warm water supply.

However, the comparatively high investment costs for construction require a thorough planning of the system, regarding both the desired heating and cooling loads, as well as the geological situation. Since these installations are intended for a long life cycle, it is important to predict their behaviour for several decades. The Geophysica Beratungsgesellschaft mbH provides engineering and consulting services for ground heat exchange and open water systems. 

We provide following services:
  • Site investigation (geology/hydrogeology)

  • Determination of thermal properties in the laboratory

  • borehole measurements

  • Analysis of geothermal response tests (GRT)

  • Optimized design: Simulation of open and closed geothermal installations

  • Long term modeling

  • Planning and design of subsurface storage systems

  • Permit procedure and cost optimization

We adapt our services to the individual requirements and offer flexible technical solutions. We use standard software (EWS) and we develop our own codes for simulation.

3D simulation of a heat exchanger field.  Temerature field in differend depth levels produced by ground water flow.

Deep Geothermal Energy

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